Stacie Kotschwar

Graphic designer and photographer with a focus on simplicity, line, and structure

Selected Work

  • Butterfly Bakery Logo
  • Butterfly Bakery Corporate Identity
  • Butterfly Bakery Letterhead
  • Butterfly Bakery Business Card
  • Butterfly Bakery Business Card Detail
  • Butterfly Bakery Takeaway Bag

Butterfly Bakery

Logo Design

Identity / Branding

A logo that communicates the refined and creative personality of a bakery in Lincoln, NE, while reinforcing their handmade yet polished image.

  • The Yellow Wallpaper Cover
  • Yellow Wallpaper Detail
  • Yellow Wallpaper Detail
  • Yellow Wallpaper Detail

The Yellow Wallpaper

Book Design

Collage / Layout

A design that is a modern take on tradition, striving to honor the spirit of a literary classic, creating visual interest for both younger readers and experienced women’s studies scholars.

  • The Mill Spread 1
  • The Mill Cover
  • The Mill Spread 2
  • The Mill Spread 2 Detail
  • The Mill Spread 3
  • The Mill Spread 3 Detail

The Mill Booklet


Photography / Layout

A menu booklet that captures the flavor of The Mill, a Lincoln, NE coffee house that offers many custom brews and prides itself on humble beginnings and quality coffee.

  • Mont Blanc Packaging
  • Mont Blanc Detail Front
  • Mont Blanc Detail Back
  • Mont Blanc Setting

Mont Blanc

Package Design

Identity / Branding

A French line of signature dark chocolate for those who like to indulge in luxurious chocolate and appreciate the structured and stylized features of Art Deco design.

  • Celiac Disease Ad 1
  • Celiac Disease Ad 2
  • Celiac Disease Ad Closeup
  • Celiac Disease Online Ad
  • Celiac Disease Environmental Ad

Celiac Awareness

Social Activism Campaign

Photography / Layout

A visual representation of what food sensitivities are like for those suffering from Celiac Disease, this campaign seeks to raise public awareness about the severity of the disease and enourage you to learn more.

  • BIN 105 Website
  • Bin 105 Website
  • Bin 105 Website
  • Bin 105 Website

Bin 105

Website Design

Layout / Web Design

A responsive, one-page website for Bin 105, a specialty wine shop based in Lincoln, NE, highlighting their high-quality products and cultured setting, while focusing on user experience and reaching their upper-class clientele.

  • Petfinder Ap
  • Petfinder Ap Detail
  • Petfinder Ap Detail
  • Petfinder Ap Detail
  • Petfinder Ap Detail

Pet Finder

Mobile Application

Photography / UI/UX

A mobile application with an engaging and enjoyable experience that allows users to search for shelter pets from the comfort of their own home and choose from shelters around the country.

  • Kleenex Ad 1
  • Kleenex Ad 2
  • Kleenex Ad 3
  • Kleenex Ad 4
  • Kleenex Ad 5


Advertising Campaign

Photography / Layout

An advertising campaign highlighting the role Kleenex plays in life’s happiest moments. This uplifting take on Kleenex as a sign of happiness gives the brand a positive association that connects with audiences on an emotional level.

  • Etsy Report 1
  • Etsy Report 2
  • Etsy Report 3
  • Etsy Report 3 Detail
  • Etsy Report 4
  • Etsy Report 4 Detail


Annual Report

Layout / Infographics

A layout that represents the refined style and sleek appeal of Etsy product photos. This annual report has a structured and polished approach that reflects the company's strong base of female entrepreneurs and compelling visual marketing.

  • Lilypads 1
  • Lilypads 2
  • Lilypads 3
  • Lilypads 3


Logo Design

Identity / Branding

A logo design for a children’s boutique in Lincoln, NE catering to higher-end customers by utilizing a polished, cheerful tone. An inviting, soft, and minimal style reflects their boutique atmosphere and stylish appeal for chic, modern moms with fashionable kids.


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My approach to design and photography focuses on simplicity, line, and structure. I am drawn to design that is elegant, refined, and modern, with a strong concept.


A.A.S. Graphic Design

P.h.D. Cultural Studies

M.A. Film & Literature

B.A. French

Interest Areas

Branding / Photography / UI/UX